Youth and Recreation Millage Renewal Voting




  • The election for the millage renewal of the Youth and Recreation Millage is August 7th
  • Please distribute this information to your club or organization members. 
  • Post on your social media page and encourage your members to put it on theirs
  • Be sure to get out to the polls and vote YES!

If you want to create a brighter future and better serve the next generation of leaders and decision-makers in Alpena please endorse the Youth and Recreation millage renewal and vote “yes” on your ballot!


On August 7th the Youth and Recreation Millage vote takes place.  The renewal of half mill will continue for another four years and generate $455,000 to be used for youth or recreational programs or site improvements. The original millage was passed in 2010 and renewed in 2014. Money was and can be used for programs and capital improvements of either programs which focus on youth, such as, high school and college sports teams, recreational sports, or recreation such as, Besser Museum, Boys and Girls Club of Alpena, Association of Lifelong Learners, Art in the Loft, Alpena Rotary for the Splash Park, keeping the Plaza Pool open, providing 6th grade sports at Thunder Bay Junior High and operational support for Alpena 4-H, county parks, and the city beach. For the full list of organizations which have received support so far, go to the Alpena County Youth & Recreation website:


The millage has helped lower the cost for kids to participate in sports and other activities and also improved many facilities throughout the county. There still is a lot of recreational needs in the county, as evident from the number of funding requests the committee has received the last several years.


We get all of this for the surprisingly small amount of about $25 per household, based on an average State Equalized Valuation of $50,000. Lend your voice to the campaign effort through a letter to the editor, writing your support to your patrons, on social media or on your website, etc.


Get out the vote for Youth and Recreation Millage!